Photo  Graham Lewis
Photo  Graham Lewis
Photo  Graham Lewis
Photo  Graham Lewis

Bird-Calling Contest

    Don't miss this year's BIRD CALLING CONTEST at Rogue Valley Migratory Bird — Check out the Bird Calling Contest for Young and Old (You Tube video).

    Can you sing or whistle like a bird? Use your skills to win fame and prizes! (Please see bird-calling contest rules below).

    1. Participants will be classified into three age groups with a 1st place award for each winner falling in the age group categories: 5-9, 10-18, 19-100.

    2. Participant must register on the appropriate sign-in sheet for their age group with name, phone number, (and email address if you have one is also helpful), age, and NAME of BIRD you will be imitating. Registration must be complete NO LATER than 10:am, Saturday, May 14. Limit of two bird imitations per contestant.

    3. Bird imitated must be a Western North American wild bird (no domestic birds such as chickens, peacocks, and so on) and identified in North American field guides such as National Geographic, Kaufman's, Stokes, Sibley, Peterson, and so on. Contestants may imitate the CALL or SONG of their chosen bird (or both). Local birds, southern Oregon species, are preferred, but not mandatory.

    4. Call/song will be judged on tone, cadence, pitch, volume, and overall accuracy. No devices such as whistles, iPods, or any mechanical enhancements will be permitted. Entrant may display behavior characteristic(s) of bird when imitating call or song, which may add to the overall point-total when judging contestant.

    5. Participants will be judged by a panel of local experts from the Rogue Valley Audubon Society and the Klamath Bird Observatory, who are familiar with bird calls and songs. Judges may use electronic devices (such as iPod calls) to playback and judge a given call or song for accuracy. In the event of a tie, participants may be asked to perform a CALL-OFF (imitating the same bird or choosing a different bird to break a tie).

Name that Bird Contest

    Rules for Contest (for Adults)
    1. There will be three rounds of Name that Bird identification, five birds per round, with each round progressively more difficult. Clues will be given to all participants prior to bird call or song being imitated. Birds imitated will be resident and migratory birds seen at North Mountain Park and/or in Jackson County.

    2. Each participant will be given a Bird ID Score Card to write-in the names of the five birds they ID by call or song. Full name of bird must be written for answer to be counted (i.e. not Sparrow but Song Sparrow, or not Owl but Great-horned Owl, and so on). If participant guesses the correct five birds in Round no. 1, contestant will automatically be eligible to guess next five birds in Round no. 2. Winners of Round no. 2 will be eligible to participate in the final round. A prize will be awarded for winning contestants in each round.

    3. The winner for Round no. 3 (final round) will be awarded the Grand Prize. In case of a tie, contestants will be asked to imitate a bird of their choice. Winning call or song, to be judged by North Mountain Park volunteers and staff, will be awarded the Grand Prize.

Photographs courtesy Graham Lewis